Frequently Asked Questions

about solar electricity and solar powered systems.

Solar Energy is what the sun produces light and heat. Solar Power is the electricity that is processed from solar energy, mainly sunlight.

Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that when exposed to sunlight generates a flow of DC current electricity.

Sunlight is absorbed by solar panels and processed into DC electricity current. Inverter and Controllers stabilize the current coming from panels and convert it into AC electricity current. AC current can be connected to your building, water pump, lights and anything to power your electricity needs.

Solar panels can be put on your buildings, garage as carports, boats, space satellites and basically anywhere there is sun!
And it can power anything.

Solar Powered System uses sunlight and renewable energy to create free electricity to power your buildings. Producing your own electricity not only saves cost, but also the environment. Most of the electricity produced conventionaly today still relies on burning Coal and Oil that leads to rising air pollution and problems such as poor air quality and global warming

Yes, it will! Solar panels work even there is indirect sunlight. Rain can actually be good to clean the dust off your panels for another day of more optimized performance. There is also the polycrystalline type of solar panels that is suitable for cloudy areas.

Solar panels stop producing electricity when there is no light, like at night time or when it is covered by shadow. However, a system that has batteries can store and reuse the electricity produced in the morning for night time. 

It depends on the type of solar power system. If you have a purely on-grid system that is connected to PLN, you have to turn off your solar system when the PLN is having power outage for safety reasons. Prevent black outs by using Hybrid or Off-grid systems.

On-Grid systems are connected to the PLN. Off-grid systems are independent and not connected to the PLN. Hybrid is a combination of On-Grid or Off-Grid.

The price of a system depends on the power installed and type of system (On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid). Contact our consultants to help you with great pricing deals and financing options.

Helix solar powered systems are built to last and will produce electricity for more than 25 years and more, so you don’t need to worry!

Homeowners that have Solar Powered System (SPS) connected to PLN can apply for (Export-Import) EXIM Meter. EXIM measures electricity coming in from PLN, and extra electricity a home with SPS can export to PLN. Exported electricity will become PLN credits to be used on monthly bills or future bills.
To apply for EXIM meter Homeowners or Installer must submit a request to the area’s PLN. Helix will help you with this with all our installs.

Solar Power is cheaper in the long run, but can feel expensive because of the upfront investment model. A system generates 25 years and more of free electricity, while PLN electricity prices continually rises. On average a system install will have payed for it self in about 5-7 years, even faster if you take into account PLN prices rises and if you sell your excess electricity generation to PLN.

Solar power systems actually have very low to no maintenance need, since an SPS have no moving parts. However, occasional rinsing of the panels during dry seasons can help remove dust build up on solar panels for continued great performance.

All Helix systems includes maintenance and solar training. In addition to that, we provide monitoring for selected Solar Power Systems.

Sure, our experts can help you. Solar systems have a plug and play model that makes them flexible if you want to install more Watt panel install.

Our consultants can take care of your preparation needs but we highly recommended that you prepare these to speed up the process even faster.:
– Your recent electricity bills
– Area measurements for install
– Picture of roof or site